One World. Two Pairs of Eyes. Infinite Adventures.

People don’t take trips. Trips take people ~ John Steinbeck

The most beautiful thing in the world, is, of course, the world itself ~ Wallace Stevens

We travel the world for two reasons. The first is to see the world. The second is to see how each other sees the world ~

This is the place where love meets adventure. The place where we share our individual narratives on the awe, thrill and beauty of nature (and each other). The place where you experience the world with us. So journey with us as we venture into the world’s nooks and crannies; basking in its hidden treasures.

About Us

The company. The journey. The destination. All key ingredients to concocting the perfect trip. One where we are trapped in the awe of new encounters; engaged by the thrill of adventure; and left breathless by the beauty (and horror) of our experiences.

Adventure for Don is exhilarating and all-consuming. Whereas, for Tash, it can be a little scary. Tash is more inclined to test the depths of the water with an instrument (almost always a stick); while, Don prefers to dive in first and ask questions later. Tash insists on making travel lists and packing appropriately. On the other hand, Don’s only concern is that himself and his camera are packed and ready to go. Their approach to adventure are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum; but together, they make one impeccable travel duo. Playing to each other’s strength, weakness, and an over the top ( or a lack of) sense of danger, they set out to experience the world’s nooks and crannies.


One Stone, Two Birds: Falling Edge Waterfalls & Hermitage Dam

Nestled in the community of Stony Hill, Falling Edge Waterfalls, also referred to as Bowden Hill Falls, is the centerpiece of any adventurer’s itinerary. A triple threat of sorts, it provides the holistic hiking experience; whose rewards are hypnotic and invigorating waters, with a breathtaking scenery seated on its borders. Mastering the art of inconspicuousness, …

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